“Wtf? That’s double Dutch to me!”

I guess that’s a standard reply if you hear the Chinese language somewhere or spot some Chinese characters. You probably enjoy some Choy Suey at a nearby Chinese restaurant now and then but have no real clue what’s going on in this vast country far in the east aside from controversial news the media shares with the rest of the world.

“When bread falls in love with a grain of rice”

While doing some research for the marriage with my Chinese husband in China I noticed that you would find one million cat videos on Google, but only a few reviews about marriages between German and Chinese persons. Almost none by German women marrying Chinese men. Is it that uncommon for western Females to fall in love with an Asian male?

After hours of searching online, I left the World Wide Web feeling pretty “alone” in my situations out there and only fed with a few new information. If you plan to climb the upcoming mountain of bureaucratic obstacles you’re thankful for any tip you find.

My goal is to fill this discovered information gap with the blog you just found. Let me welcome you! Thank you for stopping by.

What to expect…

…of Rice&Bread: Originally I created it as a space for women like me. Someone who unexpectedly fell in love from an Asian country and who is just as clueless as I am about his country, culture, and people. By sharing my experiences I might be able to give you some clarity on different topics or expand your horizon with a different mindset. Often I would have been grateful for someone I could reach out to, so leave a comment if you find yourself with unanswered questions.

But let’s stay honest here. While talking to friends and acquaintances I noticed that most of them got curious, even they never have been in my shoes. This blog can be a source of information for everyone who has some time to get new insights in an uncommon concept:


Asian Male White Female



White Woman Asian Man

Or to be even a little bit more specific: German woman fell in love with a Chinese man.

“Rice and Bread”

Coming up with a name for any social media account keeps on getting more difficult these days with the number of available accounts growing daily. Finally, I came up with a name by a shared passion of both countries: food.

I get on a plane to a far away country. Shortly after spending days exploring and discovering new things, I’ll start to miss eating German bread for breakfast in the morning. Can anybody understand my struggle who did not grow up with a variety of different kinds of bread as we have? In most other countries I find the selection of bread rather monotonous. Even I changed my daily breakfast to porridge in the morning, the first thing I’ll miss anywhere else will be bread.

After finding my part for this blog’s name, the second part came along effortless.

“In China ist ein Sack Reis umgefallen”

“A sack of rice fell over in China”

This is a german metaphor people use to explain insignificance towards a topic. Therefore, it was apparent to use “rice” as a counterpart to “bread” and combine both.

Who’s behind ‘mifanhemianbao’?

The author, Mrs D., is living in Germany and has a long-distance relationship with her husband Mr. C. He was born in China but is living and working in Japan for several years already.

Getting to know each other because of their shared love for Japan, they started dating after several months of virtual communication and one real-life date. For sure, the decision to start a commitment to each other over this distance wasn’t easy. Sometimes you shouldn’t question or doubt your feelings and go with the flow. If you never try out and take a risk, you will never know what possibilities open just in front of you.

Recently they just got officially married in China, in spite of all the bureaucratic odds which never were in their favour and although they’re still living 7 hours apart from each other.

Love doesn’t care about distance, borders or differences.

Side Note

My native language is German, not English. I chose to write every post on mifanhemianbao in English to make my experiences and the information accessible worldwide. I’ll try to keep my English as decent as I can, but it’s only human to make mistakes. If I do so, please let me know!

Everything written down here is due to my knowledge up to this point. You’re always welcomed to share your experiences, stories and also correct facts I stated.

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